Dj Klock - Rainbow EP - 12 inch Vinyl

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File Under: Avant Turntablism, Experimental Hip-Hop, Brain twisting noise, squiggles and grooves. Klock emerges from the ferment of the Tokyo electronica scene. He'd collaborated with Japanese abstract hip-hop legend DJ Krush on the 12-inch/CD for Nike, "DJ Krush feat. DJ Klock / 2001 Cage Odyssey," which became an underground classic. Here, he creates vignettes of sound ranging from looped snare drum patterns to digital squiggles and squeaks. Unexpectedly, fairy-tale melodies played on trumpet, xylophones and toy guitars can arise out of minimalist beats. Strange voices float alongside skeletal rhythms like previously unheard sounds from deep within the mind's imagination. The album makes clear the arrival of a new producer schooled in the art of Krush's brain-twisting beats, but possessing his own distinct sense of composition and sound. He's a Japanese turntable visionary.

01. Theme
02. niji
03. .orange woods,leading rounds
04. los voladores
05. dakota
06. return of mpc freak
07. swing (endless)
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