Fumi-Hito - This Goes...

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“This Goes…” is a masterpiece of a debut album. Fumi-hito brings combines the wonders of music into an album that speaks to the hearts of the listeners. The album must be absorbed as a whole taking it in pieces would be like driving with out a steering wheel. From start to finish Fumi-hito knows where he wants the journey of your ears to begin and where he wants you to say “wow” by the end of the album. Forget the mentally that single songs are the way of the future, Fumi-hito proves that wrong with “This Goes…” and you better be a believer.

1.Into/My name is
2.Yellow Exploitation
3.Mr.Lee Said
4.The Truth In The Deep Blue
5.Make Up Your Mind
6.Smooth She
7.You & Me
8.Scene #41978
9.Tomorrow Bring Another Wind
11.This Goes...
12.The Vibe
13.Todo Es Arte
14.Tomorrow's Old Funk ( Bonus Track )
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